Presidential Election and aviation

The United States Presidential Election and Aviation

Trump vs. Clinton: What the U.S. Election Holds for Aviation and Aerospace The 2016 United States general election has reached a fever pitch, and predictably there are hordes of different special interests vying for a slice of the promotional pie. For those of us in the industry, aviation unfortunately gets lost in the shuffle of[…]

Aviation Technology

Aviation Technology: 2016’s Top 10 Innovations for Pilots

Aviation Technology Innovations:Pilot Edition Here we find ourselves again at the end of yet another year. Hard to believe, I know, but with the changing of the season comes the passing of 2016. If there is one consistency with the passage of time, it is the rapidity in which technology advances. There are probably fewer[…]

Global Aviation Market and BREXIT

The Global Aviation Market Meets BREXIT

Brexit Does Impact the Global Aviation Market, but to What Extent?  Well, it happened. Great Britain went through with the somewhat-unexpected and voted to exit the European Union (EU), coining the term ‘BREXIT’ along the way. Obviously, this move will have impacts throughout the European market, ripples of which we have yet to even see the[…]

Iran Open Skies

7 Reasons That Iran Open Skies Will Change The Airline Industry

Iran Open Skies What Exactly Does It Mean for the Aviation Industry? Iran Open Skies has been described by many as the biggest thing for the global economy since the Berlin Wall fell.  Lifted international sanctions against Iran have the global aviation industry poised for growth and change!  But what exactly does this mean for aviation? Well,[…]


10 Things You May Not Know About ameliaRES

Over the past few years, new features and functionalities have been added to amelia. With new customer projects being undertaken constantly, amelia continues to grow and adapt in order to help InteliSys clients thrive and gain competitive advantages in the market. Whether you are a long-time client, or are just starting to learn about InteliSys, you[…]

Airline Growth - InteliSys Aviation Systems

Flight Connectivity in the Caribbean: A new opportunity for airline growth

The Caribbean region is booming with air travel that is affordable, convenient and that connects regions of the world that have never been directly connected before, bringing with it many new and exciting opportunities for airline growth! This movement of increased flight connectivity to the Caribbean is illustrated well by route updates made by Mexican airline[…]

Bitcoin for Airline Payments

Will Bitcoin be part of Airline Payments?

Bitcoin-the future of airline payments? Ever since their inception in 2009, the digital currency known as “bitcoin” has been growing in popularity both among internet-dwellers as well as the mainstream. Despite issues with stability and governance, bitcoin is now widely used and accepted by numerous companies across a range of industries. Everything from a new[…]