Bishwo Airways signs ameliaCARGO

InteliSys Aviation Systems is happy to announce that Bishwo Airways, based in Nepal, has signed a multi-year contract for the use of ameliaCARGO.

Bishwo Airways, a current ameliaRES client, is a start-up airline with plans to fly internationally and service Nepal’s tourism industry while providing world class service for their passengers!

InteliSys’ ameliaCARGO is a robust cargo management solution built for cargo operators as well as airlines who operate both cargo and passenger services. The ameliaCARGO system includes commercial tracking, auditing, revenue and accounting processes to help airlines streamline their operations as well as provide the ability for their customers to track and manage their cargo online.

Ashish Shresta, Chairman of the Bishwo group says, “We have been very pleased with our partnership with InteliSys. They have been very supportive of us through our start-up phase and we feel that they will be able to provide our airline with an edge in the Indian subcontinent by supporting us on an international level with their software capabilities.”

“We are very honoured that Bishwo Airways has decided to utilize our ameliaCARGO software as well as the ameliaRES software that Bishwo signed onto previously” says Farid Safvii, Director of Sales EMEA. “At InteliSys we understand that the start-up phase of a new airline is both exciting and challenging. The team at Bishwo are a resilient and hardworking group, and although the earthquake in Nepal pushed their timeline back, they are gearing up to start flying their B777 very soon!”

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