InteliSys Live With Interline E-ticketing Through Travelport

InteliSys Aviation Systems is pleased to announce the successful integration with Travelport’s E-ticketing Database for management of interline e-tickets. InteliSys and Travelport have been working together to complete this connection utilizing Type A messaging via ARINC. The first client to utilize this connection is Air Labrador, who are now live; accepting messages, bookings and electronic tickets via this new communications channel. As of March 21, 2014, the first production e-ticket was issued on Air Labrador’s stock and processed from a travel agency using a Travelport / Apollo interface, through the Travelport ETDBase, and then to ameliaRES.

“Completing this connection with Travelport is a huge milestone for InteliSys. We are looking forward to implementing this solution with many other carriers around the globe.” Frank Kays, CEO of InteliSys, went on to say, “This is just the first step in plans to expand our interlining capabilities and connections with Travelport. We have already begun working on the next steps to grow the robustness of our interlining and code sharing capabilities. ”

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