InteliSys Receives 2 Character IATA designation code 1Q

On May 21, 2015, InteliSys Aviation Systems received its two character IATA designation code 1Q.  

IATA, the International Air Transport Association, acts as the governing body responsible for standard procedures and practices in the airline industry. Additionally, they are the keeper of the two character airline codes that are used around the world.

Historically, two character airline codes were created to denote airline and flight numbers. AC denoted Air Canada, LH denoted Lufthansa, AA American Airlines and QF for QANTAS.

These two character airline codes helped improve communication and messaging efficiency for airlines and airports. For example, a type B message with the teletype address of AMSTRKL would direct the message to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and the KLM- Royal Dutch Airlines ticket counter.

In the late 1960’s the Global Distribution System (GDS) for airline reservations was built, and there was a strong need for these systems to send messages back and forth between themselves as well as to airlines around the world. To facilitate this communication, IATA allocated the 2 character airline codes to this new system. All GDS systems from around the world will always have the number one in them or in most cases begin with the number one. SABRE became 1S, Amadeus 1A, Apollo 1V, Galileo 1G, and Navatair 1N to give a few examples.

Our team at InteliSys Aviation Systems is proud to announce that on May 21, 2015, we received our two character IATA designation code.  We are now 1Q. This means that we are now able to perform  GDS messaging for both Type A and Type B with greater ease for all of our clients.

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