PAL Airlines Signs with InteliSys

PAL Airlines & InteliSys Aviation Systems

It is with great pleasure that InteliSys Aviation Systems officially announces PAL Airlines of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada as an ameliaRES and ameliaCARGO client.

Our Newest Airline PAL Airlines

PAL Airlines is the largest independent regional airline operating in Eastern Canada, serving 27 destinations throughout its flight network. Based out of Newfoundland and Labrador, PAL Airlines has operated in the airline industry for over 40 years and are highly focused on customer service, reliability, and on-time performance. PAL Airlines offers scheduled flights, air charter and air cargo services with a solid reputation for safety and recognition globally for its reliability as an airline.

Meet amelia

The ameliaRES system is a robust passenger service system complete with reservation, flight, fare, and inventory management; as well as travel agent, public web, and call centre booking portals with a full departure control system. InteliSys’ ameliaRES software is currently in use by Low Cost, Regional and Corporate airlines worldwide.

The ameliaCARGO system is a Cargo Management solution built for cargo operators as well as airlines who operate both cargo and passenger services. The ameliaCARGO system includes commercial, tracking, auditing, revenue and accounting processes to help airlines streamline their operations, while also providing the ability for their customers to track and manage their cargo online.

PAL Airlines makes the transition from an In-House Airline Reservation System to amelia

After experiencing consistent growth over the years, PAL Airlines recognized the need to upgrade its current in-house reservations and cargo management systems that have been in operation for over 25 years. Focused on efficiency, organization, and effectiveness, in June 2016, PAL Airlines decided to launch ameliaRES and ameliaCARGO. The transition to a new management system is no small undertaking, but the team at PAL Airlines were confident that the transition over to the new Amelia system was the right decision for their airline.

Debbie Clarke, Customer Service Manager at PAL Airlines helped to lead this transition. She explains the process:

“In 2015 we started examining our internal reservation and cargo system to determine how, moving forward, it could allow us to increase schedule and charter flights, expand our routes, and continue to grow.  We were also mindful that we needed to have the latest technology available to meet our customers’ needs and to compete in our current markets. Our PALRES system was built and maintained in-house for over 25 years and with this system we have achieved many significant milestones. Our continued growth, however, required more from the system than it could give us. After extensive due diligence, we chose amelia from InteliSys as our host for our cargo and reservation system solutions. Some of the key development features we had been working towards and needed to have addressed by our chosen system included: interline capability; connectivity between our Ops and Res systems; mobile and web check-in; automated departure control systems for all airports; corporate client website; improved system security, reliability and connectivity.”

PAL Airlines is a rapidly growing airline operator looking to expand into new markets and continue exceeding industry standards and customer expectations. The team at InteliSys Aviation Systems is thrilled and honoured to be part of PAL’s journey and to be able to assist in their success with our airline system solutions.

“We have known the team at PAL for several years, and were very happy when they decided to make the move to amelia.  PAL has a great reputation and our teams collaborate very well.”  InteliSys CEO, Frank Kays went on to say “We at InteliSys understood the high level of responsibility we were given when asked to replace an in-house system that they have been using successfully for years.   I thank PAL for the level of trust they have shown in us and I am looking forward to a long term successful partnership.”

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