Wasaya Airways Re- Signs with InteliSys

InteliSys Aviation Systems is pleased to announce that Wasaya Airways has re-signed a multi-year contract with ameliaRES, and in addition has signed on with InteliSys’ ameliaCARGO and ameliaCREW systems.

Wasaya Airways, with bases throughout Northern Ontario, has been a valued InteliSys client for many years. Wasaya provides solutions for many isolated communities by providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective air transportation services and shipping services, while leading the development of meaningful programs for the education and employment of First Nation people in commercial aviation.  

“Wasaya has renewed and expanded our relationship with InteliSys Aviation Systems. The renewal of our hosting and passenger booking application, ameliaRES, coupled with the addition of the ameliaCARGO and ameliaCREW modules as an integrated suite of products, will enhance efficiencies, reduce cost and make our guest and cargo shipper’s experience better.”

Michael Rodyniuk, CEO and President at Wasaya Airways LP goes on to say,

“The ‘central nervous system’ of any business and it’s ability to be efficient, is dependent upon its IT system. Over the years we have worked with InteliSys, their product has evolved with our airline. We are confident their system and support will compliment Wasaya and assist us to enhance our level of service. InteliSys’ strong support network will give Wasaya the power to meet a wide variety of needs ranging from large corporate clients to small and medium sized businesses as well as individuals for their air transportation needs. We look forward to continuing and expanding our prosperous business relationship with InteliSys.”

Wasaya Airways has been a valuable client of InteliSys since 2003.

“From day one we have worked closely with the team at Wasaya to ensure we provided the best possible solutions and support for their operation.  It has been a privilege to work closely with their team and it is a true testament of our relationship and products that they have decided to expand their usage of our amelia suite of products.”

Frank Kays, InteliSys CEO went on to say,

“I look forward to streamlining their Cargo and Crew operations as we did their passenger side.”

For more information on Wasaya Airways LP, please visit http://www.wasaya.com/                               

For more information on the amelia products, please visit https://www.intelisysaviation.com/index.php/products/

To contact InteliSys today and find out how we can help grow your airline and boost your airline’s profitability, please email us at info@intelisysaviation.com


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